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MMXII (2009)

Game Designer | July 2009 – December 2010 |  Feerik, France
Responsabilities : GDD, Rational Design, Defining world settings, Prototyping, Playtest, Scripting, Content creation, External artists management.
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(currently in French only)


MMXII was the first project I worked on at Feerik. MMXII was meant to be a browser based survival-horror but It was cancelled during the beta phase.


MMXII takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where almost all the human race got annihilated a century ago by an unknown disaster. Since then, atmosphere is covered by ashes and what remains of humanity lives in the shadow. Shattered by plague, clans wars and famine, they must face theue history’s biggest threat  : “Them”, unknown creatures with strength of a beast and human’s mind. “Them” are the next echelon in the food chain and it’s only a matter of years until they completely annihilate human race.

In MMXII, players incarnate humans granted with reincarnation’s gift. The more they survive in their city, the more they get Karma Points, required to travel along the world in order to reach humanity’s last hope : South Pole, the only place in Earth without ashes and without “Them”.

How do the player survive? By any means necessary! Friendship, Betrayal or teaming up with “Them”, only one thing is certain : death is inevitable.


  • Surviving as a city : The game takes place in randomly generated areas where humans are gathered into cities of 30 to 40 players (an area can have multiple cities). They must collect resources, like water or food, organize outside raids, and protect their city from “Them”’s assaults. Many jobs are available: Mayor (elected by players, decides supplies and city’s tactics), Messenger (can communicate with other cities), Sentinel (high perception of danger) and Engineer (specialized in weapons constructions). A strong city means more karma points and higher odds of surviving.
  • Surviving as a human : Each player has his own avatar who allows him to interact with the world. While being able to freely explore the area’s map, characters are restrained by health, hunger and paranoia systems. Every decision has his own importance, asking players to react dynamically to each new event.
  • « Them » : Players must fight against weather, famine and others players, but their biggest threat is “Them” : Roaming freely around the world, they’re constantly hunting humans brave enough to leave their city. Each of “Them” has his own patterns (acting alone, group hunting, lazy) and they’re more than savage animals : “Them”, instead of killing players, can blackmail with a challenge in exchange of their lives : find a special object, kill a certain player or betray his own city. Their intelligence is only matched by their cruelty; Unavoidable, ridiculously strong, killing one of them brings food, karma points, objects and glory to the city. But everything in MMXII has a price : the more you kill “Them”, the more they come the very next day.
  • Death and karma : Death is something permanent and unavoidable in MMXII. It can be “Them”, it can beplayer killing, malnutrition, poisoning, paranoia or just bad luck, but there is no way to escape it. But even if death strips the character from his stuff, job and position, we designed it as a rewarding mechanism. Depending of his adventure, player is awarded permanent skills, powerful stuff for the next party and karma points, allowing him to discover new areas and see the progression of his story. Karma Points don’t favor any player behavior : you can be a player killer or a traitor, and still be successful. In MMXII, the most important thing is to survive, at any cost.

Work samples

Info : GD-lite doc created for the team about the “Blackmail” game mechanism.
Software : Excel, Indesign, yED
Concept Art : Mathieu Rebuffat
Format : PDF
Info : Skills list of each player’s jobs created for the prog team.
Software : Excel
Format : PDF