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Adventure Kingdom

Game Designer | September 2012 – Still in development
Responsabilities : GDD, Game Balance, Playtest
Platforms : Smartphones
To see directly my work samples on Monstroland, click here
(currently in French only)


Adventure kingdom is a Warioware-like planned on Smartphones. The player incarnates a treasure hunter looking for hidden treasures all around the world. Each civilization he’ll meet will challenge him with sequences of fast-paced minigames.

Adventure Kingdom is a collection of short and simple games lasting no more than 10 seconds where the difficulty dont come from inputs or complexity, but rather from understanding behaviors and timing.

Key features

  • Dozens of minigames and challenges to master.
  • Crazy atmosphere with even crazier characters.
  • Enjoyable experience by casual and hardcore gamers.

Work Samples

Info : One Page Design describing a minigame
Software : Illustrator
Format : PNG (french)