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Key Skills

  • Rational Design : Difficulty Balancing, Rythm, Variety Distribution and Player Progression.
  • Game Mechanism : Creation, iteration and balancing
  • Versatile : Able to fit in different places with the same motivation and willingness to learn, no matter the type of game or Team Size
  • Management : Able to organize, manage and motivate people to work toward a same goal.
  • Monetization : Elaboration of economic model, Data mining analyze.

Work Experience


Undisclosed Tactics-RPG (Smartphones/Tablets)|Lead Game Designer | January 2013 – Currently (Amerald)

  • GDD : Game Mechanism, GDD, High Concept, Prototype
  • Defining project identity : World building, character story, classes background
  • Game balance : Game’s Economy, Skills System, Craft System
  • UI Design : Use Case, UI prototypes


Undisclosed projects (Smartphones)| Game Researcher | January 2013 – Currently (Wutango)

  • Competitive Intelligency: Games and trends analysis, Charts Data on smartphones markets
  • Defining project identity : Synopsis, Story settings, researchs on UI
  • Level Design


Monstroland (Browser, Facebook)| Lead Game Designer/Project Manager
August 2011 – September 2012 (Feerik)

  • GDD : Game Mechanism, Monsters system, Game Modes.
  • Management: Managing a team of 10+ people, external recruitement, milestones, planning.
  • Project Identity : Defining world settings, NPCS and tone of the game.
  • Game Balancing : Economy, city & World Conquest gameplay
  • Interface Design : Use Case Diagram, Website tree view, Prototyping
  • Translation : Supervising English and Spanish translations.


Tara Duncan (Browser, Facebook)| Lead Game Designer
November 2010 – April 2011 (Feerik)

  • Merging 7 books and 1 cartoon into 1 game
  • Lead Game Design : GDD creation, Game Mechanisms design.
  • Management :Managing a team of 10+ persons, including 2 game designers.
  • Content Creation :Map design, ennemies encounters, scripting.
  • Game Balancing  : Economy, Skills system, Pacing.
  • Monetization : Item Selling Strategy, Pricing.
  • Community Management : Contests and teasing.


Eredan GT (Browser, Facebook)| Game Designer
July 2009 – December 2009 (Feerik)

  • GDD : Game Mechanism, character classes, Game Modes.
  • Project Identity : Storyline, Mythology, World mapping.
  • Game Balancing : Economy, Progression Systems, Pacing.
  • Interface Design : Use Case Diagram, Website tree view.
  • Monetization : Item Selling Strategy, Pricing
  • Content Creation : Quests, Skills, Monsters encounters, Rewards


MMXII | Game Designer
August 2011 – September 2012 (Feerik)

  • Prototyping : Paper prototyping, Proof of Concept, High-Concept.
  • Game Design: Rational Design, Game Mechanisms, Jobs, Skilltree.
  • Project Identity : Storyline, Mythology, World mapping.
  • Playtest : Playtest sessions, Data Mining and bugtracking.
  • Scripting : Monsters and city scripting


  • Level Design : UDK, Portal Level Editor
  • Game Design : Machinations, yED, Adobe Flash CS3
  • PAO : Photoshop CS4, InDesign, Illustrator CS4


  • 2005-2007 : DUT “Service et Réseau de Communication” at Haguenau, Alsace.
  • 2002-2005 : Baccalauréat “Economie et Social” at Lycée Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, Alsace.

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