Short Bio

Born in 1987, I fell in love with videogames 7 years later with (Super) Street Fighter 2. Since then, I’m obsessed with games creation in all its forms and platforms. What I particularly like is testing and iterating new systems and the teamwork process that transform a simple idea into a finished game.

After 2 years at DUT, my first professional experience was with free-to-play company Feerik (Montpellier, France). During 3 years at Feerik, I worked on many types of game at various positions (from Game Designer to Project Manager) within team from 2 to 12 peoples. After 3 years there, I’m ready for new creative challenges !


My Top 20 :

Chrono Trigger,  Metroid Prime, Tactics Ogre, Dark Souls, Terranigma, Majora’s Mask, Planescape Torment, Grim Fadango, Beyond Good and Evil, Killer7, Breath of Fire 5, Realm of The Mad God, Mario Galaxy, Super Meat Boy,  Bahamut Lagoon, Portal, Drakengard, Donkey Kong Country, Rayman 2 and Vagrant Story !


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