Monstroland (2012)

Lead Game Designer/Team Manager | August 2011 – September 2012 |  Feerik, France
Responsabilities : GDD, Game Balance, Weekly content, Team Management, Monetization, Defining Project Identity
To see directly my work samples on Monstroland, click here
(currently in French only).


Monstroland is a city-building/monster-collection game developed for browser and facebook.


Monsters are making their own revolution ! Tired of acting as bad guys in crappy movies, they started a riot in order to possess their own city : All they want is gardening, watching tv and pay taxes like everyone else. After several weeks of riots, human’s government decides to grant monsters wish and launches “Monstroland”. The player incarnates one of the firsts “Monstromayor” in charge of a heavy task : make monsters and humans live side by side !

Key features

  • Manage a city where average citizen is 15 feet tall.
  • More than 200 monsters to collect and trade with friends.
  • Help or invade humans countries with monsters help.


Monstroland gameplay can be divided in 3 axis :

  • City Building : As the mayor of a Monstroland, player’s goal is to transform a small town into a large metropolis. He has various tasks in order to keep his citizens happy : Feeding, Building, Collecting taxes and so on. The city also serves as a visual reward for monsters collection, as players can see their creatures walking on the road and doing several humor animations.
  • Monsters management : In order to get a bigger Monstroland, players must collect…monsters ! Catching monsters is the link between each phases of gameplay and incarnates the game ultimate goal. Monsters can be aquiired by multiple ways : production, trade, buy, gift, rewards and sometimes luck. Each monster has his own set of skills and type of progression to take into consideration in World Conquest.
  • World conquest : The world map take place in human countries in need of help for various reasons (doing Santa Claus impersonation, win cooking contests…). The player has to send his own monsters to resolve human’s problems in 2 ways : with kindness or with terror. The “World Conquest”‘ loop is pretty simple : Send monsters in human’s world to earn loot and stars (symbol of completion) in order to produce more monsters and unlock new human’s countries. World Conquest gameplay is puzzle-like : Each country has weaknesses, asking the player to send monsters who emphasize them. This results in having each monsters, even weaks ones, being useful depending on the situation, giving gameplay requiring skills management and further deep-thinking.

Work samples

Info : Variety Matrix explaining which players skills are asked in first quests.
Software : Excel
Format : PDF (en)
Info : High-concept explaining World Conquest Gameplay to the team
Software : Powerpoint, Photoshop
Format : PDF (french)
Info : Balancing sheet of citizen’s houses.
Software : Excel
Format : PDF (french)

Info : World Conquest – Steps of interface design

Concept Art : M.Sancho, S.Trousselier
Format : JPEG

Info : One Page Design pitch for art team describing a Monster.
Software : Powerpoint
Format : PDF
Info : One Page Design for prog team explaining the “Monsters Soul” game mechanism.
Software : yED; Powerpoint
Format : PDF
Info : Relationship table between each ressources.
Software : Excel
Format : PDF

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